Although McApperson Property and Design’s main focus is on residential remodeling and home repair, we do offer a few other services.


Currently, MPD offers basic design options. For basic projects, such as a kitchen, basement, bath, simple home addition, etc., where a permit may be required, MPD can put together drawings for the city’s review, therefore avoiding the cost of a licensed architect or engineer.

MPD does have a handful of preferred architects, engineers, and designers that we work with on a regular basis that can be referred to aid with larger, more detailed projects.

Prospective Homebuyer Consultation

When potential homeowners want to know if a house has good “bones” or how much a future renovation may cost before they buy, MPD offers a service where we can look at potential homes with the buyer and discuss those items.

DIY Consultation

In the case where a homeowner may want to attempt a project independently, MPD can provide consultation to aid the homeowner before, throughout, and after the project. Depending on the skill level of the homeowner, this service can provide foresight leading to significant time and cost savings.